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Thursday, 17 September 2009 17:49

The Biggest Water Polo Tournament in SA?

It is always going to cause one to stand up a little straighter when you see the word "biggest" used to describe a sporting event. Especially when we are talking about a sport like water polo which enjoys the spotlight briefly for the next few weeks as several big tournaments get underway.

Perhaps the biggest U15 Water Polo Tournament in the country is the one that will start at Wynberg Boy's High on Thursday, 17th September. Featuring the top 20 High School teams in South Africa, the Ian Melliar Cup will produce some great water polo in this eagerly contested age group. Grey High have won the tournament in the last 2 years but will face strong opposition this time around as the other teams look set to capture this coverted title. Keep up to date with all the happening in the pool right here on for daily summaries. POOLS POOL A POOL B POOL C POOL D Grey P.E St Stithians Bishops Clifton St Johns Rondebosch SACS Pretoria Reddam Wynberg Ian Mellian Hilton Westerford St Andrews Maritzburg Paul Roos Westville St Albans Affies St Peters All matches on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are 4 x 5 mins Stop/Start. Matches on Sunday: Positions 5-20 are 2 x 10 mins Running Semi Finals, 3rd/4th Playoff and Final are 4 x 5 Stop/Start THURSDAY 17th Referee Referee 1 15h00 Rondebosch Wynberg Seipp Martin 2 15h45 Bishops SACS Harris Mackenzie 3 16h30 Paul Roos St Peters Evans Ramage 4 17h15 Affies Ian Melliar Barrett Weston 5 18h00 Grey P.E Westerford Liddell Harris 6 18h45 Clifton Pretoria Evans Mackenzie 7 19h30 St Andrews St Albans Ramage Weston 8 20h15 St Johns Westville Seipp Liddell 9 21h00 Bishops Ian Melliar Martin Barrett Friday 18th Referee Referee 10 07h00 Rondebosch St Albans Ramage Melliar 11 07h45 Bishops Affies Martin Liddell 12 08h30 Westerford Westville Harris Seipp 13 09h15 St Stithians St Andrews Barrett Melliar 14 10h00 St Albans Wynberg Mackenzie Liddell 15 10h45 Clifton Paul Roos Martin Harris 16 11h30 St Johns Westerford Ramage Mackenzie 17 12h15 Maritzburg Affies Seipp Liddell 18 13h00 Rondebosch St Andrews Weston Harris 19 13h45 Clifton Hilton Mackenzie Barrett 20 14h30 St Johns Grey P.E Melliar Ramage 21 15h15 Bishops Maritzburg Martin Evans 22 16h00 St Peters Hilton Malherbe Barrett 23 16h45 SACS Ian Melliar Seipp Weston 24 17h30 Paul Roos Pretoria Evans Liddell 25 18h15 St Stithians St Albans Ramage Harris 26 19h00 Grey P.E Westville Barrett Melliar 27 19h45 Maritzburg SACS Martin Mackenzie 28 20h30 Pretoria Hilton Malherbe Seipp 29 21h15 St Stithians Wynberg Evans Weston Saturday 19th Referee Referee 30 07h00 Westville Reddam Barrett Seipp 31 07h45 St Stithians Rondebosch Evans Harris 32 08h30 SACS Affies Liddell Martin 33 09h15 Westerford Reddam Barrett Ramage 34 10h00 Ian Melliar Maritzburg Weston Evans 35 10h45 Clifton St Peters Seipp Harris 36 11h30 Grey P.E Reddam Martin Barrett 37 12h15 Hilton Paul Roos Malherbe Weston 38 13h00 Pretoria St Peters Mackenzie Liddell 39 13h45 Wynberg St Andrews Martin Evans 40 14h30 St Johns Reddam Melliar Seipp 41 15h15 Pool A5 Pool B5 Ramage Weston 42 16h00 Pool C5 Pool D5 Liddell Mackenzie 43 16h45 Pool A4 Pool B4 Evans Malherbe 44 17h30 Pool C4 Pool D4 Melliar Harris 45 18h15 QF POOL A1 QF POOL B2 Martin Ramage 46 19h00 QF POOL B1 QF POOL A2 Malherbe Evans 47 19h45 QF POOL C1 QF POOL D2 Seipp Harris 48 20h30 QF POOL D1 QF POOL C2 Mackenzie Barrett 49 21h15 Pool A3 Pool B3 Ramage Liddell Sunday 20th Referee Referee 50 07h00 Pool C3 Pool D3 Ramage Liddell 51 07h45 Game 41 Loser Game 42 Loser Seipp Weston 52 08h15 Game 41 Winner Game 42 Winner Martin Evans 53 08h45 Game 43 Loser Game 44 Loser Mackenzie Harris 54 09h15 Game 43 Winner Game 44 Winner Barrett Melliar 55 09h45 Loser Game 45 Loser Game 46 Weston Martin 56 10h30 Loser Game 47 Loser Game 48 Seipp Harris 57 11h15 Winner Game 45 Winner Game46 Ramage Mackenzie 58 12h00 Winner Game 47 Winner Game 48 Martin Evans 59 12h45 Loser Game 49 Loser Game 50 Weston Melliar 60 13h15 Winner Game 49 Winner Game 50 Liddell Seipp 61 13h45 Loser Game 55 Loser Game 56 Barrett Harris 62 14h15 Winner Game 55 Winner Game 56 Seipp Weston 63 14h45 Loser Game 57 Loser Game 58 TBC TBC 64 15h30 Winner Game 57 Winner Game 58 TBC TBC

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