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Monday, 01 June 2015 17:14

Rugby: When Props Collide!

Rugby: When Props Collide! Thys Lombard Photography

It is not every day that the boys in the front row steal the limelight as most of the time their sweat and effort is clouded in the grunts and groans of the scrums and mauls.

But sometimes, every so often, just for a moment, the lid is lifted off the engine room and we get a glimpse of the massive work load and effort that these 100 kg plus players are doing.

Such a moment took place recently when Paul Roos Gym met Rondebosch in what is always a massive match between traditional rivals. Earlier in the season Rondebosch had turned in a shock result by beating PRG in the Newlands Day warm up match but since then Paul Roos Gym have steadily risen to be one of the form teams in 2015.

With his eye trained to capture the unique moments of brilliance, ace photographer Thys Lombard focused his lens on one of the biggest collisions of the match when Rondebosch prop Jordan Diekmann lined up his Paul Roos opposite number.

As the two giants moved closer at pace the age old question was asked: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In a split second photographer Lombard snapped the answer.

Photograph courtesy of Thys Lombard

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