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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 12:40

Rugby: Grey High Festival- Fixtures


Rugby begins in earnest this weekend with the annual Grey High School's Rugby Festival which will by held between the 24-30 of March, 2012.

The fixtures have been revised to accomodate all the teams and here they are:


Saturday 24th of March
Philip Field Pollock Field Pyott Field Police / Old Grey / Crusaders / NMMU
08:30 Nico Malan vs Kearsney 08:30 Graeme College vs Itembelihle 08:30 Muir u14 vs Eezy Fana 08:30 Grey u14 vs Framesby
10:00 St Andrew's College vs Michaelhouse 10:00 Louis Botha vs Die Hoerskool Brandwag 09:30 Daniel Pienaar u14 vs St Andrew's 09:30 Daniel Pienaar U15 vs Hudson Park
11:30 Paul Roos vs Westville 11:30 Queen’s College vs Durban High School 10:30 St Andrew's u15 vs Muir 10:30 Grey u15 vs Framesby
13:00 Selborne College vs Framesby 13:00 Maritzburg College vs Marlow 11:30 St Andrew's u16 vs Eezy Fana 11:30 Selborne u16 vs Daniel Pienaar
14:30 Hilton College vs Bishops 14:30 Dale College vs Daniel Pienaar 12:50 Grey u16 vs Framesby
16:00 Grey High vs SACS
Monday 26th of March
Philip Field Pollock Field Pyott Field Police / Old Grey / Crusaders / NMMU
08:30 Dale College vs Die Hoerskool Brandwag 08:30 Grey u15A vs Daniel Pienaar 09:00 Muir u14A vs Eezy Fana
10:00 Selborne College vs SACS 09:30 Grey u16A vs Daniel Pienaar 10:00 Grey u14A vs Daniel Pienaar 10:00 Selborne u16A vs Eezy Fana
11:30 Paul Roos vs Kearsney College 10:30 Louis Botha vs Westville 11:00 Muir u15A vs Hudson Park
13:00 Queens College vs Hilton College 12:00 Michaelhouse vs Nico Malan
14:30 Bishops vs Maritzburg College 13:30 Daniel Pienaar vs Durban High School
16:00 Grey High vs Marlow
Wednesday 28th of March
Philip Field Pollock Field Pyott Field
09:00 Daniel Pienaar vs Michaelhouse Grey u15A vs Hudson Park
10:30 Grey High vs Maritzburg College Hilton vs Muir
12:00 Ithembelihle vs Louis Botha DHS vs Nico Malan
Friday 30th of March
Philip Field
10:00 Itembelihle vs Durban High School



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