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Wednesday, 01 August 2012 17:53

Rugby: Dale First Rugby Team to Go Pink v Selborne!


IT’S official – The Dale College first rugby team will wear pink rugby jerseys and shorts with the traditional red and black rugby socks when they meet Selborne College on the CB Jennings "A" Field on August 4 to mark CANSA and Cancer Awareness Week.


pinkThe famous Dale College First XV Gold Heron will be in place on the rugby jersey to celebrate both first team status and to celebrate the life of cancer survivors or those in remission from this terrible disease. Numbers on the player’s jerseys will be black to remind us of those who have not made it because of the cancer and associated complications.


The week of 30 July to 4 August 2012 is Cancer Awareness Week when funds are raised by CANSA (Cancer Associations of South Africa) with various activities. These include an annual Shave-athon and the annual Cancer Survivors’ Walk. Many of us at Dale and at the ODU, as well as our friends and families, have been touched and made aware of the effects of cancer. This disease knows no bounds, colour, age, gender, wealth or timing in life. CANSA statistics show that one in four South Africans is likely to contract cancer. According to locally reported statistics only 20 percent of children survive cancer in the Eastern Cape. This is far below normal statistics. This is because the community do not know what to look out for when illness presents itself.


For Awareness Week 2012, there are plans to address Dalians at assemblies and to provide an educational CANSA programme. On August 4, at the Dale fields, CANSA are offering individual private breast examinations for women and men as well as PSA blood tests for prostate cancer in men. This will be conducted by trained CANSA medical staff. Pink is the colour of cancer awareness, support and solidarity: We can find no record of any other school that has done this and in effect it would be to give Dale College, Selborne College and hopefully in future other schools exposure and an association with a social awareness programme while also bringing in spectator support for a worthy cause. Pink Day will become an annual event at Dale on the rugby and sports calendar. We hope that this first will spread to eventually having a NATIONAL Pink Day in school sport in South Africa.


CANSA are on board with Dale and CANSA is extremely delighted and excited about this "first" for schools in South Africa. Everyone has a very BIG role role to play. CANSA needs financial support for their continued involvement with research and education. Please dig deep and if you can and make a donation towards Dale Pink Day.





Your donation can be paid directly into the following Bank account raised through Charteris and Barnes (CA) SA:

Bank Account Name: Heron Club Pink Day


Bank: Investec Private Bank

Client Account Number: 1100199720141

Electronic Account Number: 50006141858

Account Type: CCM Call Account

Reference: Use your Surname or Company Name for accounting and acknowledgement purposes


Should you experience any queries on the above account or deposit procedure, please contact Charteris And Barnes CA (sa) on 043 642 5636.



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