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Thursday, 11 April 2013 07:48

RUGBY: Sponsorships on School Sports Jerseys?

Written by  Rusty Shackelton

Whilst others may insist that it’s of a lower standard to its Super Rugby counterpart, I find nothing better than spending my Sunday afternoons engrossed by the drama that is the Heineken Cup.

sponsYou can keep your Crusaders or Chiefs; the real dream team of regional rugby is RC Toulon, with a lineup as intimidating as their cauldron of a home ground, the Felix Mayol stadium. What is striking about the French Top 14 is that not only are the clubs privately-owned and refreshingly run like the businesses that they are supposed to be, but their jerseys seem more akin to F1 Racing than conservative rugby garb.Every inch of fabric is used to maximize brand awareness for their various sponsors and it is for this reason that they're able to offer exorbitant contracts to the best players on the planet.

One then wonders how this would translate to the match day attire of various sports at school level; and how sacred are these jerseys that are so often older than their provincial unions themselves? The trend seems to be of private schools choosing to shy away from branding, whilst government schools seem to embrace the additional funding.

But is there a place for it? My answer would be yes; if we can contribute to the sporting programs that develop future professionals and pay for the equipment, tours and salaries of sports specialists, it’s surely a worthwhile sacrifice.         

 School sport receives massive coverage in this country; there is certainly nothing wrong with schools enjoying the fruits of this exposure.What do you think?