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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 13:35

Rugby: Former Springboks Join the Ruck over Hilton vs Glenwood

It wasn’t going to take long before old boys from both Glenwood and Hilton College joined the skirmish that has erupted over Hilton’s decision to withdraw from all rugby matches against Glenwood and so end a rivalry that started years before the Great Depression.

teichman and Allan Hilton College vs Glenwood For many die hard school rugby fans, what has transpired between the two schools is in some ways a great depression of its own, with the value of both schools going through the roof in some people’s opinion but in others, it has gone through the floor boards.

Two of the most famous old boys from the two schools, Springboks Gary Teichmann (Hilton College) and John Allan (Glenwood) have got their boots into this ruck and voiced opinions, reported in The Witness, that tend to suggest that Hilton College could have acted a little prematurely in their decision.

Teichmann expressed surprise at the decision of his alma mater and reminisced about his school days saying, “ private schools like Hilton may be underdogs, but if in my day we had stopped playing other schools, I would have been disappointed.”

Former Springbok Hooker and Glenwood old boy, John Allan went further in his analysis of the situation stating he felt, “Hilton have not made the commitment develop coaching across school age groups.” He went on to suggest that Hilton needed to, “find a director of rugby or up skill their coaches across the board.”

Many would counter that comment with the fact that Hilton College in the past has not been shy about appointing high profile coaches with Brad MacLeod-Henderson in charge of rugby at Hilton before he was lured away to coach the Sharks only last year.

However both former Springboks seemed to suggest the problem runs far deeper than just Hilton refusing to play Glenwood and that probably school rugby has changed into a professional setup.

Teichmann emphasised that he believed the demise of club rugby has placed greater emphasis on schools producing the next Sharks or provincial players. Teichamann said, “something needs to be done as club rugby is dying. It used to be a big part of the system. Pushing kids to be semi-professional at a young age is not the right way.”

Allan alluded to the professional approach taken by school players when he suggested that steroid and supplement abuse had permeated into school sport which was a concern. “There is no doubt that every single school will have some players that will use banned substances,” Allan said.

Whichever way you look at it some compromise will need to be made before the two schools meet on the rugby field, and whether Gary Teichmann is right in saying that Hilton’s decision has been a bit of a “knee-jerk reaction” or if Hilton is just “taking a breathing space” as John Allan suggests time will have to tell.

However for the sake of tradition and pride the majority are hopeful that a Hilton vs Glenwood fixture will still take place in the future

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