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Wednesday, 20 May 2015 10:19

Rugby: Big Brothers, Little Brothers

Written by  Jonathan Cook

You could be forgiven for  thinking that numbers nine and 10 are favourites in the Dahl and Hirschowitz families. Not surprising when big brother and little brother share the same position and jersey number on the rugby field.


Daniel Hirschowitz plays flyhalf for Hilton College first XV while brother Nicholas fills the same number 10 berth in the Cordwalles Prep U11A side. It's action replay time at scrumhalf, with Matthew Dahl at nine for Hilton College firsts and brother Murray in the same scrummie slot for Cordwalles Prep U11A.

And it doesn't end there. Both Dahls are adept at passing left and right with ease and both can kick with both feet, whenever the game situation demands.

Relatively small in stature in rugby terms, being tough farm boys is a good grounding for the Dahls when the going gets rough around the fringes of rucks and mauls where predators are always on the lookout to bring down the opposition's playmakers .

The Hirschowitz boys are also of farming stock, so courage and tenacity are second nature in the face of hungry loose forwards hellbent on bringing down the prize players at nine and 10 in every opposition's team.

As with the Dahls, hours and days spent in the back garden honing their skills has helped the Hirschowitz boys no end in refining their skills.

Little brothers have also benefited handsomely from observing big brothers' option taking when kicking out of hand and delivering that elusive show and go. The brothers watch each other every chance they get and the admiration is mutual.

As with Murray and Matthew, keenly watching big brother Daniel dictating play left, right and on the line break has stood Nicholas in good stead.

Perhaps the names Dahl and Hirschowitz in numbers nine and 10 still have a way to go, both at school and further afield once the final bell rings this year.

And who knows? Hilton College might be getting a repeat performance of the Dahl/Hirschowitz show sooner than we think.

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