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KZN (158)

It is the one school rugby match that is perhaps getting more air time than any other that has been played this season and it doesn’t even feature one of the top First XV’s in the country.

The surnames Kyle and Thompson have been regular occurrences in Maritzburg College first XV team sheets since the 1960s and one of the brotherhood, Ryan Kyle, is head coach of the school’s premier team this year.

Playing in a schools reunion day is always something special, playing in a Maritzburg College reunion day is unforgettable.

A cold, wet and miserable day greeted both teams as the men from Pretoria travelled down to the coast of Durban to clash in what promised to be a very physical encounter between the two teams who boasted some very big boys.

Maritzburg College and Grey College met in what promised to be a greatly contested game on Goldstones.

In former Springbok flyhalf Braam van Straaten the Pietermaritzburg school St Charles College have unearthed a gem.|




Kearsney hosted Westville in the first full fixture of the 2016 season. It was a typical season opener with many mistakes and missed opportunities. The goal kickers from both teams struggled and many kickable chances were unsuccessful.

James Tedder, Kearsney College 1st XV centre, has been contracted to the Sharks u19s for next year.

Hilton hosted Kearsney on the return leg of a double header on a beautiful afternoon ideal for rugby. Hilton proved very motivated as they were keen to reverse the result in March when Kearsney were victorious in Botha’s Hill.

Watch one of the biggest KZN school matches of the season live now: Maritzburg College vs Michaelhouse!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 10:19

Rugby: Big Brothers, Little Brothers

You could be forgiven for  thinking that numbers nine and 10 are favourites in the Dahl and Hirschowitz families. Not surprising when big brother and little brother share the same position and jersey number on the rugby field.

It was a breathtakingly close match with KES playing one of their finest matches of the season to push Maritzburg College all the way in a clash that finally ended with College winning 34-33.

iT WAS yet another brilliant festival of schoolboy rugby on the final day of the 2015 Kearsney College Easter Rugby Festival.

A picture paints a thousand words as the saying goes. Take a look at some of the action pics from day one of the Kearsney College Easter Festival.

The Kearsney College Easter Festival kicked off with some enthralling matches on Day One and there was several very close encounters that has set the scene for some interesting matches in the days to come.

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 18:38

Rugby: More Than Just a Photo...

In an age when school rugby is getting closer and closer to professionalism many the die-hard fan of the purest form of the sport bemoans the loss of tradition.

Monday, 23 March 2015 15:15

Rugby: Glenwood Downed By Michaelhouse

Still licking their wounds after going doing in a narrow defeat to Kearsney College, the KZN Powerhouse, Glenwood looked to recapture their mojo with a trip up to the Midlands to meet Michaelhouse.

Hilton College after sending a shock wave through KZN school rugby at the end of 2014 by refusing to play Glenwood have started their season off on a positive note although not a winning one.

It wasn’t going to take long before old boys from both Glenwood and Hilton College joined the skirmish that has erupted over Hilton’s decision to withdraw from all rugby matches against Glenwood and so end a rivalry that started years before the Great Depression.

The traditional rivalry between Glenwood and Hilton College on the rugby field is all but over and it may well stay that way for many seasons to come. We spoke exclusively to the Head Master of Glenwood, Mr. Trevor Kershaw to get his take on the situation.

Glenwood and Hilton College will no longer play any rugby fixtures against each other in 2015 and perhaps for some time to come.

In a dramatic stance taken by Hilton College it looks unlikely that the two KZN teams will be competing on the rugby field for some seasons to come following an announcement from Hilton this week.

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