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Friday, 08 July 2016 07:40

Hockey: Durban gears up for Greenfields Elite Club Challenge 2016

 Durban is gearing upfor this year’s annual Greenfields Elite Club Challenge that will be hosted at theRiverside Sports Centre in Durban North from Friday the 15th – 16th of July 2016. This is the only tournament in the history of South African hockey to offer the largest prize money to the winning team.


This year’s winners will be walking away with a R26 000 cheque courtesy of Greenfields - Belgotex Sport, a division of Belgotex Floors, who are the proud sponsors of this tournament. Not only will there be top class hockey being played over the two days, but the spectators will also enjoy great music, delicious food and kiddies entertainment that has been lined up on both the Friday and Saturday.  

South Africa's top club hockey teams consisting of multiple national and provincial players from KZN, Gauteng and Western Province, will battle it out from Friday 11am for the prize money and prestigious Greenfields Elite Club Challenge title. Teams include 2015’s champions the WPCricket Club Badgers, Riverside Hockey Club, Malik Old Albanians Hockey Club,Old Edwardians Hockey Club, Kearsney Hockey Club and the Wanderers Hockey Club.

“Over the final two weeks we will be joining forces with RHC’sExcoteam to finalise preparations for the tournament. We are also very proud to beable to support and sponsor an event that allows for some of SA’s talented hockey players and sport enthusiasts to come together. These tournaments give players the opportunity to experience first-hand playing on a world-class Syntheticturf surface. We would like to wish all the players the best of luck with their final preparations and training and we look forward to seeing you in sunny Durban on the 15th of July”, statedGreenfields’ Synthetic Turf Manager, Ayden Shrives.

The tournament was established in 2013 by Riverside Sports and Riverside Hockey Club to showcase proficient top class hockey by premier players in a festival type tournament. According to the Tournament Director of Riverside Hockey Club, Wayne Phillips, the level of hockey that is played at the Greenfields Elite Club Challenge is absolutely spectacular! “We would like to thank our main sponsors, Greenfields–Belgotex Sport for their unwavering support over the past 3 years. I would like to encourage everyone to bring their friends and families to come and enjoy a weekend of festivities and watch world-class hockey at its best,” Phillips enthused.

Last year’s runner ups– Kearsney Hockey Club -1st team Coach, Geoff Abbott, added, “It is always such a great event to be a part of that our men’s first team looks forward to every year. The quality of hockey played and at such fantastic facilities makes this a highlight in our hockey calendar. We have seen the level of hockey improve year upon year and that’s why initiatitives like these are so important to grow and develop our country’s talent from grass roots level so when the 2020 Commonwealth Games come around our SA teams will be a force to be reckoned with. The competition is tough but we are confident that we can bring the title and trophy back to KZN this year!”

The matches will be played over the 2 days of the tournament with prize-giving taking place straight after the final play-offs.




Time Team 1 Team 2 Event   Time Team 1 Team 2 Event
FRI 15 JULY                
07h00 SA under 21 fundraising breakfast   La Bella Restaurant          
09h00 Junior Hockey under 9, 11, 13   Wanderers Men   09h00 Junior Hockey under 9, 11, 13   Wanderers Men
10h00 Managers Meeting              
11h00 RHC Old Eds Warm up   11h00 RHC Kearsney Warm up
11h15 RHC Old Eds Men GECC   11h15 RHC Kearsney Women GECC
12h45 Wanderers WPCC Warm up   12h45 Kearsney HC Old Albanians Warm up
13h00 Wanderers WPCC Men GECC   13h00 Kearsney HC Old Albanians Men GECC
15h00 Junior Hockey under 14/16   RHC men / women   15h00 Junior Hockey under 14/16   RHC men / women
15h30 Coaches Forum - presentation   Mark Hopkins          
18h00 Old Eds Old Albanians Warm up   17h00 Kearsney HC Wanderers Warm up
18h15 Old Eds Old Albanians Men GECC   17h15 Kearsney HC Wanderers Women GECC
19h45 RHC Wanderers Warm up   19h00 Kearsney HC WPCC Warm up
20h00 RHC Wanderers Men GECC   19h15 Kearsney HC WPCC Men GECC
SAT 16 JULY                
08h30 Wanderers Old Albanians Warm up   08h30 RHC Wanderers Warm up
08h45 Wanderers Old Albanians Men GECC   08h45 RHC Wanderers Women GECC
10h15 RHC WPCC Warm up   10h15 Kearsney HC Old Eds Warm up
10h30 RHC WPCC Men GECC   10h30 Kearsney HC Old Eds Men GECC
12h30 Junior Hockey under 9, 11, 13   WPCC men   12h30 Junior Hockey under 9, 11, 13   WPCC men
13h00 Transformation forum - Chairmen   SA Hockey          
14h00 Strategy for Elite club competition       14h30      
14h30 Junior Hockey under 14/16       14h30 Junior Hockey under 14/16    
16h30 Men 3 Men 4 Warm up   16h30 Men 5 Men 6 Warm up
16h45 Men 3 Men 4 Men GECC   16h45 Men 5 Men 6 Men GECC
18h15 Women 1 Women 2 Warm up          
18h30 Women 1 Women 2 Women GECC   19h30 Men 1 Men 2 Warm up men final
20h00 Men 1 Men 2 Men GECC          

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