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Saturday, 11 January 2020 12:30

Cricket: This Week's Results: 12/01/2020

The school 2020 season is up and running!

Please send through your team’s results to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Twitter on @SASCHOOLSPORTS or on Whatsapp at 076 202 5503 to ensure they are included and published on time.


  Cricket Matches For Week Ending 15 January 2020
T20 Centurion v EG Jansen EG Jansen beat Centurion by 7 wickets
T20 Marais Viljoen v Midstream Marais Viljoen beat Midstream by 13 runs
T20 Midstream College v Kempton Park Kempton Park beat Midstream by 5 wickets
T20 Midstream College v EG Jansen EG Jansen beat Midstream by 5 wickets
T20 Montana v Hans Moore Hans Moore beat Montana by 6 wickets
T20 Pretoria Boys High v Wynberg Pretoria Boys High 131/5 beat Wynberg 115 a/o by 16 runs
T20 Waterkloof v Hans Moore Waterkloof beat Hans Moore by 88 runs
T20   v    
T20   v    
  Marais Viljoen v Nelspruit Marais Viljoen beat Nelspruit by 97 runs
  Affies v Northwood Affies 255/9 (Dewald Bevis 89) beat Northwood 149 ao by 106 runs
  Centurion v Kempton Park Centurion beat Kempton Park by 70 runs
  Centurion v Monument Centurion beat Monument by 118 runs
  EG Jansen v Montana Montana beat EG Jansen by 6 wickets
  Hans Moore v Midstream Hans Moore 279/3 beat Midstream 147 a/o by 132 runs
  Hans Moore v Rustenburg Hans Moore beat Rustenburg by 158 runs
  KES v Glenwood KES 161/9 (Zack Momberg 66) beat Glenwood 126 ao by 35 runs
  St Johns College v Noordheuwel Noordheuwel 238/6 (Ronan Herrmann 63)  beat St Johns College 237 a/o (Jonathan Miltz 89)  by 4 wickets
E Cape   v    
T20 Cambridge v Graeme College Graeme College beat Cambridge by 7 wickets
T20 Union HS v Daniel Pienaar Daniel Pienaar beat Union by 10 wickets
T20 Framesby v Stirling Framesby beat Stirling by 8 wickets
T20 Framesby v Die Brandwag Framesby beat Die Brandwag by 62 runs
T20   v    
T20   v    
  Graeme College v Peterhouse Peterhouse beat Graeme College by 6 wickets
  Cambridge v Woodridge Woodridge 72/2 beat Cambridge 71 a/o by 8 wickets
  Graeme College v Trinityhouse Trintyhouse 112/6 beat Graeme College 74 a/o by 40 runs
  Grey High School v DHS Grey HS 337/5 (Jade Smith 129, George van Heerden 152*)  beat DHS 204 ao (Sachin Soni 54*) by 133 runs
  St Andrews College v Somerset College  
  Framesby v Muir College Framesby 273/9 beat Muir College a/o by 161 runs
  Framesby v Milnerton Framesby drew with Milnerton
WP   v    
T20 Bishops v Waterkloof Waterkloof 157/2 beat Bishops 146/8 by 11 runs
T20 Bishops v Waterkloof Waterkloof 157/2 beat Bishops 146/8 by 11 runs
T20 Boland Landbou v Strand Boland Landbou beat Strand by 100 runs
T20 Brackenfell v Bellville Bellville beat Brackenfell by 7 wickets
T20 Brackenfell v Curro Durbanville Curro Durbanville beat Brackenfell by 5 wickets
T20 Curro Durbanville v Strand Curro Durbanville beat Strand by 97 runs
T20 Durbanville v Bellville Durbanville beat Bellville by 6 wickets
T20 Durbanville v Bishops Bishops beat Durbanville by 3 wickets
T20 Paarl Boys High v Parel Vallei Paarl Boys High beat Parel Vallei by 16 runs
T20 Parel Vallei v Newlands CHS Newlands CHS beat Parel Vallei by 6 wickets
T20 Rondebosch v Waterkloof Rondebosch beat Waterkloof by 29 runs
  SACS v Jeppe SACS beat Jeppe by 29 runs
  Rondebosch v Waterkloof Rondebosch beat Waterkloof by 81 runs
  Bellville v Newlands CHS Bellville 67/6 beat Newlands CS 66 a/o by 4 wickets
  Bishops v Pretoria Boys High Bishops 209/8 (Travis Norris 70) beat PBHS 140 a/o (Jarad Murrycooke 5/19) by 69 runs
  Boland Landbou v Newlands CHS Newlands CHS beat Boland Landbou by 9 wickets
  Brackenfell v Boland Landbou Boland Landbou 186/4 beat Brackenfell 185 a/o by 6 wickets
  Curro Durbanville v Potch Gim Curro 176 a/o beat Potch Gim 118 a/o by 58 runs
  Durbanville v Eldoraigne Durbanville 143/9 beat Eldoraigne 140 a/o by 1 wicket
  Northcliff v Paul Roos Gym Paul Roos Gym 81/4 beat Northcliff 78 a/o by 6 wickets
  Paarl Boys High v Garsfontein Garsfontein beat Paarl Boys High by 3 wickets
  Paarl Boys High v Noordkaap  
  Paarl Boys High v Westville Paarl Boys High 291/7 (Kyle Doubell 107, Ian Erasmus 52, Ben Lombaard 51)  beat Westville 212 by 81 runs
  Paarl Gim v Northcliff Paarl Gim beat Northcliff by 8 wickets
  Paarl Gim v Noordkaap Paarl Gim 91/2 beat Noord Kaap 88 a/o by 8 wickets
  Paul Roos Gym v Westville Paul Roos Gym 237/8  beat Westville 182/9 by 55 runs
  Paul Roos Gym v Garsfontein Garsfontein 140 a/o beat PRG 110 a/o (Christiaan Oberholzer 4/23) by 30 runs
  Rondebosch v Waterkloof Rondebosch 218/7 beat Waterkloof 137 a/o (C.du Toit 67, Reese Scheepers 4/8)  by 81 runs
  Rondebosch v Pretoria Boys High Rondebosch 235/9 beat PBHS 74 a/o & 75/5 by innings
  Rondebosch v Jeppe Rondebosch 141 a/o beat Jeppe 131 a/o by 10 runs
  Rondebosch v St Davids Inanda Rondebosch 213/5 beat St Davids 96 a/o & 41/5 by 6 wickets
  SACS v St Davids Inanda SACS 324/6 (Michael Levitt 106*, Nathan. Ansell 69) beat ST Davids Inanda 135 a/o by 189 runs
  SACS v Waterkloof SACS 161/4 beat Waterkloof 159 a/o by 6 wickets
  SACS v Jeppe SACS 131/4 beat Jeppe 130 a/o by 6 wickets
  SACS v Pretoria Boys High SACS 129/5 beat PBHS 128 a/o by 5 wickets
  Somerset College v Woodridge Somerset College drew with Woodridge College
  Wynberg v Jeppe Jeppe 156 a/o beat Wynberg 98 a/o by 58 runs
  Wynberg v Pretoria Boys High Wynberg 184/9 beat Pretoria Boys High 149 a/o by 36 runs
  Wynberg v Waterkloof Wynberg beat Waterkloof by an Innings and 96 runs
  Wynberg v St Davids Inanda Wynberg 79/3 beat St Davids Inanda 77 a/o  by 7 wickets
KZN   v    
T20 DHS v Marais Viljoen  
T20 DHS v Northwood Northwood beat DHS by 2 wickets
T20   v    
T20   v    
T20   v    
T20   v    
  Hilton College v Helpmekaar Hilton College 222/7 (C.Pistorius 79)  drew with Helpmekaar 164/9
  Clifton v Helpmekaar Helpmekaar 124/4 beat Clifton 198 a/o by 6 wickets (D/L)
  Clifton v St Johns Zim Clifton beat St John's Zim by 151 runs
  Glenwood v St Andrews College St Andrews College beat Glenwood by 97 runs
  Kearsney College v St Johns Zim Kearsney 202 a/o (Jean-Luc Talbot 51, Carmichael 54) beat ST Johns Zim 101 a/o by 101 runs
  Kearsney College v KZN Inland Academy Kearsney College 173 a/o beat KZN Inland 129 a/o by 44 runs
  Kearsney College v Helpmekaar Kearsney 119/2 beat Helpmekaar 118 a/o (Stocks 4/24) by 8 wickets
  Maritzburg College v KES Maritzburg College 273/7 (Kent Goedeke 134*, Ross Klusner 82) beat KES 236 ao (Kian Schwartz 114, Andile Simelane 5/22) by 37 runs
  Michaelhouse v Falcon College Zim Michaelhouse beat Falcon College by 120 runs
  Michaelhouse v St George's Zim Michaelhouse beat St George's by 8 wickets
T20 Grey College v Boland Landbou Grey College beat Boland Landbou by 79 runs
T20 Grey College v Durbanville Grey College beat Durbanville by 53 runs
T20   v    
T20   v    
  St Andrews School v Grey High School Grey HS 141/2 (Jade Smith 93*)beat St Andrews School 138/8 by 8 wickets
MPU   v    
T20 Nelspruit v Centurion Centurion beat Nelspruit by 2 wickets
T20 Nelspruit v Zwartkop Zwartkop beat Nelspruit by 51 runs
T20   v    
  Nelspruit v Midstream Midstream College beat Nelspruit by 7 wickets
NWEST   v    
T20   v    
T20   v    
T20   v    
  Potch Gim v Strand Potch Gim beat Strand by 118 runs
LIMP   v    
ZIM   v    
U16A   v    
U15A   v    
  Paul Roos Gym v Wynberg Paul Roos Gym beat Wynberg by 5 runs
  Bishops v Eldoraigne Eldoraigne beat Bishops by 5 wickets
  Bishops v Waterkloof Bishops 252/5 beat Waterkloof 155 a/o by 97 runs
  Clifton v Noordheuwel Clifton 123/4 beat Noordheuwel 106 a/o by 17 runs
  Clifton v Jeppe Clifton drew with Jeppe
  Durbanville v Bishops Bishops beat Durbanville by 2 wickets
  Eldoraigne v Durbanville Eldoraigne beat Durbanville by 4 runs
  Eldoraigne v Durbanville Eldoraigne beat Durbanville by 110 runs
  Glenwood v Noordheuwel  
  Glenwood v Pretoria Boys High Pretoria Boys High 187/6 beat Glewood 185/6 (T.Rossouw 110) by 4 wickets
  Grey College v ST Charles College Grey College beat St Charles by 7 wickets
  Hans Moore v Uplands  
  Jeppe v Northwood Jeppe 162/6 beat Northwood 110 a/o by 52 runs
  KES v Queens KES 195/9 beat Queens 74 a/o by
  Marais Vijoen v KZN Hub Marais Viljoen beat KZN Hub by 37 runs
  Maritzburg College v Pretoria Boys High  Maritzburg College beat PBHS by 53 runs
  Maritzburg College v Marais Viljoen Marais Viljoen 125/3 beat Maritzburg College 121/6 by 7 wickets
  Midstream College v Hans Moore Midstream beat Hans Moore by 9 runs
  Nelsp;ruit v Hans Moore  
  Noordheuwel v Clifton Noordheuwel beat Clifton by 9 runs
  Northcliff v Garsfontein Northcliff beat Garsfontein by 69 runs
  Northwood v Grey College Grey College beat Northwood by 5 wickets
  Northwood v Marais Viljoen Northwood beat Marais Viljoen by 45 runs
  Paul Roos Gym v Potch Volkies PRG 196 a/o beat Potch Volkies 163 a/o by 33 runs
  Paul Roos Gym v Garsfontein Paul Roos Gym beat Garsfontein by 90 runs
  Potch Volkies v Noordkaap Potch Volkies beat Noordkaap by 92 runs
  Rondebosch v Waterkloof Rondebosch 225/8 beat Waterkloof 149 a/o by 76 runs
  Somerset College v Paul Roos Gym  
  SACS v Waterkloof SACS beat Waterkloof by 9 wickets
  St Andrews College v ST Charles College ST Andrews College 213 a/o beat ST Charles College 170 a/o by 43 runs
  St Charles College v Helpmekaar St Charles College beat Helpmekaar by 86 runs
  St Charles College v Noordheuwel Noordheuwel drew with ST Charles College
  St Johns College v Queens Queens 121/9 beat St Johns College 119 a/o by 1 wicket
  Uplands v Midstream  
  Waterkloof v SACS SACS beat Waterkloof by 9 wickets
  Waterkloof v Wynberg Waterkloof beat Wynberg by 3 wickets
  Westville v Marais Viljoen Westville beat Marais Viljoen on 1st innings
  Wynberg v Waterkloof Waterkloof 146/7 beat Wynberg 144/2 by 3 wickets
U14A   v    
  Centurion v Rustenburg Rustenburg beat Centurion by 8 wickets
  Kempton Park v EG Jansen EG Jansen 97/4 beat Kempton 92 a/o by 6 wickets
  Waterkloof v Wesvalia Waterkloof 123/8 beat Wesvalia 89 a/o by 43 runs

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