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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 09:37

Cricket: How are the rankings worked out?


So how are the rankings worked out? In consultation with a panel of analysts and statisticians a formula was agreed upon which would allow as realistic a representation of a team’s current form as possible. In essence the formula works as follows:

At the start of the year teams are “seeded” based on how they finished last season. They are seeded from 10 to 1 with 10 going to the teams that are judged the strongest. (This seeding is adjusted after the first term and at the end of the year depending on how well the teams finish.)

Points are awarded for “Win”, drawn matches and teams are also awarded “Bonus Points”. The “bonus points” are awarded depending on the margin of victory that has been obtained. 10 bonus points are given for a 10 wicket win and a 100 or more runs win, 9 bonus points for a 9 wicket win and 90 run win etc.

However in order to grade the win the particular “seeding” of each team plays a part. For example: Paarl Boy’s (seeded 9) beat Pinelands (seeded 7) by 100 runs. Paarl Boys are therefore awarded points for the win, however instead of receiving 10 bonus points for winning by 100 runs, they get 10 points x 0.7 (Pineland’s seeding of 7) = 7 bonus points. If Pinelands were seeded 6 the bonus points for Paarl Boy’s would be 10 x 0.6 = 6 bonus points. This helps to grade the win which was against a weaker team and therefore Paarl Boy’s do not get the full allotment of 10 points. However the converse is also true. If Pinelands (seeded 7) beat Paarl Boy’s by 100 runs, their bonus points would be 13 because they beat a team that was seeded 10. The weaker team is therefore rewarded for beating a higher seeded team.

The win points and bonus points are divided by the matches played to give an average which ultimately ranks the team. Statistics of course only can tell half the story although we do believe that having a quantitive formula and not just relying on a “Win ratio” model is a fairer reflection of the strength of teams.

We are continually looking to improve and tweak the formula and welcome your input. Thank you to the literally hundreds of emails from players, coaches and fans and your unending suggestions, your support and interest is greatly appreciated.


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